Trainee Technician Advert Concerns

Dear all, over the weekend several members of staff raised concerns about job adverts which stated that during training Trainee Technicians would be paid Band 4 plus 13% unsocial hours (USH) allowance. The advert then stated that they would be paid Band 4 plus 13% USH upon successful qualification.

Chris Klus, Branch Secretary initially responded to these concerns over the weekend. We have since received confirmation from the Trust that the advert is wrong and that upon qualification Trainee Technicians will be paid Band 4 plus 25% USH.

Further to this existing members of staff who opt to undertake an ECA-Technician conversion course will remain on their current wage and terms and conditions of service until successful completion of the course and qualification as a Technician.

The training rates above only apply to external applicants to the Trust.


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