Standards of Behaviour

Our network of representatives are volunteers who have undergone training to assist you in asserting your rights at work. Our representatives have a right to undertake this valuable role without fear of violence, verbal abuse or intimidation from our members. Please be aware that UNISON have disciplinary procedures which can…

Trainee Technician Advert Concerns

Dear all, over the weekend several members of staff raised concerns about job adverts which stated that during training Trainee Technicians would be paid Band 4 plus 13% unsocial hours (USH) allowance. The advert then stated that they would be paid Band 4 plus 13% USH upon successful qualification. Chris…

Chesterfield Station Concerns

Following concerns raised by members at Chesterfield Ambulance Station, Steve Henson and Paul Shannon will be facilitating a meeting at Chesterfield on Wednesday 10th January 2017 from 09:00 to allow staff to discuss their concerns with the rota proposals. Regards, Paul J. Shannon, MCPara Branch Communications Officer

Urgent Care Service

Please see the attached new SOP that has been developed prior to the implementation of the new Urgent Care Service within EMAS. Please feedback any comments to before 5pm on 11 January 2017. Urgent Care Service SOP Jan 2018

Band 6 Paramedic Training Needs Analysis

As you will be aware a new national Paramedic job description has been produced as part of the Band 6 pay agreement for paramedics. As part of this agreement the Trust is now required to collect information on the qualifications of all Paramedics working in the Band 6 role and…

Thames Ambulance Service Rota Change Consultation

As I am sure you are aware Thames Ambulance Service Ltd. (TASL) took over the running of the NEPTS contract in Leicestershire on 1st October 2017. The contract had previously been operated by Arriva Transport Solutions Ltd. (ATSL) . Just prior to contract transition, new rotas were implemented for commencement…

Derbyshire PTS Job Description

As part of our continuing campaign on your pay banding we are seeking your views on the Job Description which the Trust has proposed is reflective of the job that you do and therefore reflective of your Band 2 salary. Please see the Job Description attached and feedback to…

Additional Employment Policy

Please see attached the Trust’s current Additional Employment Policy which is currently being reviewed. If you have any comments on this policy or suggestions for change please e-mail by 17:00 on Friday 17 December 2017.   Additional Employment Policy V4.0

Winter Fuel Grants

Winter fuel grants are available again for UNISON members who are having difficulty meeting their heating bills. The grants, which are available from the union’s independent welfare charity, There for You, are particularly timely after recent price rises by all the major energy companies. They consist of a one-off payment…

Newly Qualified Paramedics Update November 2017

Please see the attached Joint Trade Union update on the Newly Qualified Paramedic scheme: Ambulance jointly agreed statement Nov 2017